Part Number Description Price
GO-FMS-OPT-0001 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $475.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0002 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $990.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0003 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $8,345.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0004 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $19,975.00
GO-FMS-OPT-0005 Foreign Military Sales optical equipment $97,250.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0001 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $425.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0002 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $981.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0003 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $9,250.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0004 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $21,000.00
GO-FMS-ACC-0005 Foreign Military Sales Accessories $94,255.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0001 Individual Support Equipment $99.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0002 Individual Support Equipment $975.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0003 Individual Support Equipment $8,450.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0004 Individual Support Equipment $49,540.00
GO-IDQ-PERS-0005 Individual Support Equipment $98,999.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0001 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $75.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0002 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $925.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0003 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $9,250.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0004 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $47,250.00
GO-NAV-EXP-0005 Maritime Expeditionary Equipment $99,000.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0001 Shipboard Support Equipment $245.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0002 Shipboard Support Equipment $759.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0003 Shipboard Support Equipment $2,499.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0004 Shipboard Support Equipment $19,999.00
GO-NAV-SHP-0005 Shipboard Support Equipment $49,999.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0001 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $149.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0002 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $2,750.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0003 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $24,000.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0004 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $95,000.00
GO-AIR-NAT-0005 Airborne and Aeronautical Equipment $149,999.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0001 Electronic and Support Equipment $94.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0002 Electronic and Support Equipment $1,050.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0003 Electronic and Support Equipment $10,110.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0004 Electronic and Support Equipment $105,000.00
GO-SUP-ELEC-0005 Electronic and Support Equipment $249,999.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0001 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $1,490.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0002 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $27,000.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0003 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $42,500.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0004 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $94,500.00
GO-GRD-EXP-0005 Ground Expeditionary Equipment $140,000.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0001 Ground Mobility Systems $420.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0002 Ground Mobility Systems $1,760.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0003 Ground Mobility Systems $22,450.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0004 Ground Mobility Systems $74,500.00
GO-GRD-MOB-0005 Ground Mobility Systems $81,540.00
GO-ELC-COM-0001 Communications Equipment $27.00
GO-ELC-COM-0002 Communications Equipment $149.00
GO-ELC-COM-0003 Communications Equipment $1,250.00
GO-ELC-COM-0004 Communications Equipment $29,430.00
GO-ELC-COM-0005 Communications Equipment $95,550.00


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Global Military Products (GMP), a division of Global Ordnance (GO), is a Veteran Owned Small Business located in Tampa and Sarasota Florida and supported by a logistics hub located in Sarasota, FL. With over 250 years of combined experience GMP supplies the U.S. and allied armed forces with the high quality and competitively priced products they depend on.  … LEARN MORE

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2150 Whitfield
Sarasota, FL 34243

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