Mk54 Mk31 Brass Head Primer Adapter with Compression Nut 7/16-20 TPI

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Replacement Brass Head Compression style will fit all 7/16-20 threads of initiators like the Mk54 Royal Arms dual shock tube igniter. The Mk31 Royal Arms Single Pen, Omni, EIT, Blasters-Tool and many others. The compression will accommodate all commercial and mini shock tube / nonel in the range from 3/32″ – 5/32″ ( 2.5mm / 0.09375″  to 4mm / 0.156″  ) . The brass head is precision CNC machined from large 3/4″  stock (not 1/2″ like others) so its easy to grip and lock in place, the fluting provides extra grip and a clean look.  The Primer Slot has a 1/8″ relive to help extract spent primers easily.

This is one most needed upgrade for all initiators, to work easily and reliably with all shock tube / nonel.


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