24″ Water / Avon Disruptor Cannon External Breech

RADC-24 Disrupter Cannons are machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel 1.500″ Diameter for strength and durability. Precision gun drilled to .730” then Honed to a mirror finish for improved Accuracy / Velocity and ease of cleaning. Chamber is 3-1/2” to accept high power loads and all commercial 12 Gauge. Chamfered exterior crown for smooth transfer. 2-1/2″ Welded body ring milled flat on bottom to prevent rolling while on ground. When place in Royal Arms stand Body ring holds a positive lock up to reduce rear flight dramatically. 6-1/4″ Knurled back end for a better grip. Self aligning locator hole for accurate laser placement. Vapor Hone finish for anti glare and smooth finish. External Acme Thread for quick solid lock up. the barrel has a unique tapper length that reduces overall weight and allow robots arms to articulate easily by removing the weight in front the rear acts as a counter balance providing smooth operation for robots.

  • Body length = 24.000″
  • O.A.L. = 24.750″
  • Weight = 7.85 Lbs
  • Machined from 17-4 Stainless
  • 1.500″ Diameter for strength
  • Precision gun drilled to .730”
  • Honed to a mirror finish
  • 3-1/2″ 12 Gauge Chamber
  • Acme Threads – Quick solid lock up
  • 2-1/2″ Welded Body ring
  • 6-1/4″ Knurled back end
  • External Laser location hole
  • Chamfered exterior crown
  • Reduced Breech bolt length
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